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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol Ii Mon Khmer Siamese Chinese Families"

[No, 7,]
WAK DIALECT.                                            (DISTBICT, KHASI AND JAMJTLL HILLS.)
fU KM Dikhar, WOO.)
U-mi u-juprew all ar-bai i-hun u. U-wa jiang ti ei-!S
Cto0 a-man tad two-persons sons Us. He-who younger from them
ong u ti u-pa u, 'pa, ai noh i-bhah o i-ia haretn
satd he to the-father his, 'father, give away the-tbare mine that-tohich falls
tu iiia. Te bhah u he ei-ie kafc-a ah hyn-ah i jong ew
to we. Then duided he to ihem whatever is not-is that of him.
Ah ju bon. sh'ngai ie u-te u-hun u u-wa jiang da pyn-lang
Were not many days since that the-son his what younger was collecting
u baroh, te ha-u sba ka-ri            ka-a sh'ngui, ti-te pyn-lut u
lie    all>     *then    went-he     to     a-country       which       far,     there    spent   he
ite      i    jong-u   ti   kam   hymman.   Lali    de   pyn4ut   u   baroh    poi        ka-
thqt    the    hii     in  deeds   wicked.   When  has    spent   he    all   occurred   a-
sma-snein           ka-a     mia    ti    ka-te    ka-ri.       Te       da       duk     u.
tad-year   (famine)    which  great   in     that    country    Then   became   poor     he
Te       lia      niah-lok        u     ba,    u-mi     u-trai-shnong    ka-te         ka-ri,
Then    went   make-friend*    he    with     one           a~citizen         that        country.
Te     ruh    u    ew   ju-lia   sharui   rniang   u    ta    rnadan,      Te     kwah      ^
Then   sent    he   him   to-go    tend      pigs    he    to     fields.     Then   wished    he
ju-ba   ^da     i-te    i-skop    i-a    ba      ki-rniang,    Ah    te    li-wa    ai    ha ew.
to-eat   by     those   husfa   that   ate      the-pigs,      No    one    who  give   to   him.
Lah       a     kymmo     jong-jupiw-u    ODg   u,     *Bhi hymbow     bai    i-shakri
When    he remembered   his-manhood     said   he,    'how    many   person*   servants
u-pa   ki-ia    ah    i-ba     i-a               hyng-eh              tang ju-ba,   kat nia fiiaug
father   who   have food   which  difficult (i,e, too-much) even to-eat,  while 1 I-tcilt
iip   tympholi    tl-ne,      Ju    zeng   nge,   ju    ha nge   sha      upa,      ju   ong
die    hungry     here.    Will   stand    I,   mil go   I      to    the-faiher, will say
rrge   ti    ew,      "pa,       da  leh   pap uge   ba   em   ba    ha  i-phliang,   Ky-um
1     to   him,   "father* have done sin     I    to   thee  and  to    heaven.      Good
ie    te pong ]u hut   biin'm   ha nia,    Pyn-maa ba nia kaw mi   u-shakri'jh." *
it  Was not   to 'call  non-thy io   me.       Make    to   me as  o"ne & servant-Mine"'
Te            zeng        u,     te      ha     u    sha      u-pa       u,      Te     kata
Then   stand (arise)   he,   then    went   he    to   the-fother   his.   Then   while